Allegheny Hike, Bike and Ski is an all volunteer organization founded in 2016 to create and maintain hike, bike and ski trails in the southeastern portion of the Allegheny National Forest. In some ways we are the successor organization to the Bootjack Snow Gliders who used to the maintain the Laurel Mill Ski Trails. We are best considered to be a 'friends of' group, working alongside Federal, State, and local agencies to improve recreation opportunities in the Allgheny National Forest and neighboring communities. As an IRS 501 (c) 3 Not for profit organization donations to support our work are tax deductible.

In 2021 we entered into a partnership agreement with the US Forest Service to maintain and oversee the Laurel Mill Trail system. These trails have been neglected for over a decade and we are working to restore them, including resuming cross country ski grooming. These trails are open for hiking and cross country skiing. Forest Service regulations do not allow bicycles, but we are working with the Forest Service to allow bikes on some of the trails in the future.

We are also working with Ridgway Township to develop a bike pump track and mountain bike trails at the Township's Sandy Beach Park which borders the Allegheny National Forest. We hope that at some point in the future bicycling will be allowed on some of the Laurel Mill Trails and then the Sandy Beach mountain bike trails will connect to them.

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